Woodworking Bed Plans

Wood is a hobby enjoyed and pursued like any other hobby. It is true that to enjoy this hobby, you need to learn and woodalso master some of the tips and techniques. Wood is all about activity, creativity and patience. Right toys and wooden blocks for tables and beds, one can just create anything from wood. You can even include children in these activities and that they contribute in bits and pieces. Making wooden beds is an advanced design.
Making wooden bed

The procedure for making the wooden bed is too long, and so did I mention here one of the most easy plan that is easy to follow. So now let’s take a look at the methods of making a wooden bed at home.

Things Required

Wood screws
Nail gun
Wood mass
Wood oil
Safety glasses


First, you need to decide on the measures you need to bed. For this purpose, it is prudent to take the measures the room and then decide on the actual size of the bed that you will require.
Cut pieces of wood 2 × 10 equal length and width.
You must holes in these pieces of screw holes.
Now tighten all parts to make a structure square-shaped.
Then small pieces of 2 x 10 must be cut to enter between the base of each section.
The centerpiece of the 2 × 10 should be compensated because it is essential to secure it in place.
Now, you need to protect all these sections together using bolts and directly using the nail gun.
To the top of the table, you need to cut pieces of plywood 2 × 4 5-8 centimeters longer than the pieces of 2 × 10.
Then you should make a square with pieces of 2 × 4 and ensure the use of screws.
Place 3-4 2/4 parts across the width of the frame and fix with screws.
Put equal parts of 2 × 4 pieces from each section of the support base.
Similarly pieces 5 should be placed along the length of the support frame.
Now, putting the upper part of the frame base at the bottom. You will need to tighten screws or pre-drill holes.
Then put two pieces of MDF in the top of the frame. Establishing, with the aid of screws.
Finally, you need to sand the entire timber to make it good. You can also fill the holes with wood putty if desired.
The lubrication and removal can be made according to the convenience and preference. You may have noticed that after oiling or waxing, the bed should be held for 24-30 hours before putting mattresses on it.
You can also go through wood carving techniques to decorate their newly made wooden bed.

This was one of the easiest ways to make a wooden bed at home. You will find many other wood bed plans on the Internet. You can print them and follow them to further explore your creativity. Good luck with your future woodworking projects

Difference between Instagram and snapchat. What should I use?

A single Instagram and snapchat glance may seem two very similar platforms, both of which are used to share images and videos with other users. However, if we stop to analyze in depth, there are big differences between Instagram and snapchat, especially if we want to use them as a marketing tool for our business or brand.

This article will show you these differences and see what the strengths are and weaknesses of each platform are so you can decant for one that best suits your needs.

Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Although both apps can adapt well to a marketing strategy of a business or brand, at times the lack of time and other reasons we are forced to choose a single platform to strengthen our presence. If this is your case, you have to study what the possibilities are offered by each.



Although as we have said both platforms are used to share images and videos there is a very marked difference, as long as other users can see your posts.

While Instagram publications are not deleted from the user profile or feed until it voluntarily remove them in snapchat publications they can only be seen for a few seconds and can go from one to ten as decided by the user. It is this expiration publication that makes the difference in snapchat.

Publish on Instagram or snapchat


One of the most important things when making a decision like this is to know what type of users has each of these platforms and compare it with the kind of audience it is targeted your marketing campaign.

Instagram now has over 400 million active users who spend on average 21 minutes a day using the application. 41% of its users are between 16 and 24 years and 35% between 24 and 34.

Snapchat has over 100 million users of which 70% are women and the average age of these users is between 13 and 24 years.

As you can see there is a marked difference between the types of users, while Instagram covers a broader section of the population, snapchat has a majority of young users or adolescents.


In addition to the time spent in view of other users, we find more differences in the form of a publication.

As you know Instagram account with a bank of filters that let you change the look of your images before publishing and also add text location hashtags and labels in the same publication, which makes the entrance can be as complete as possible.

In snapchat we can apply some filters to your photos but does not have as many as Instagram, however we can paint over the image, add text and even emojis. The publications consist only of the picture, so we do not add a description, hashtags, etc.

Instagram filters vs snapchat

Summarizing. If you were thinking of using hashtags in your photos snapchat to reach more people, forget it because you do not have this option.


As for the sponsored publications Instagram with an advertising platform supported by Facebook which has a very good response from users.

Snapchat, meanwhile it has not yet implemented an advertising platform that allows advertisers to promote publications.


Snapchat is a new platform and thus the competition is lower, this means that it may be easier to open a hole in it. In addition, its performance makes other users hurry to see the content because they know it will not last too visible time.

On the other hand we must have an account that the average user has a profile strip marked age, so if your publications are aimed at a young audience, it can be a very good choice.

Instagram for its part has a much higher number of users and a wider age range, so if you want to reach a wider public Instagram is the ideal choice.

In addition, Instagram lets you store your publications and create a gallery all your followers can see at any time, which may be an advantage for most brands and users.

In short, both applications can be very useful to reach your potential customers through the power of the image, but each has its strengths.

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FIFA 16 Coins tricks and tips

I’m sure you’ve dreamed of a totally amazing and interesting game at least once, I’m sure. If true, this game is dedicated only for you! FIFA 16 COIN GENERATOR Cheats; is all that. There is no doubt that everyone would love to play this game using all its benefits. If you are already there, you will find something to try. It is our great application that allows you to use all the best improvements. Thank you about her, you’ll have all not break with your device. One of the amazing things in Fifa 16 coin Generator Cheating is that R is simple to use, very efficient and entertaining. The main advantage of our tool is that it is Easy to use. You will than done face-to-three simple steps to get to the end. All are simple and transparent. In the first step, you will not have that pressing the download button. Now wait a while to start the download process. You just download the installation package. In the second step you will need to decompress the package needed R installation. The package will unzip automatically after you click the icon. Unpacking only takes a few minutes and then you can start the installation. The installation process is as simple as unpacking. It is fully automatic so you will not need to do anything, but only to click the Install button. Now the fun part of Fifa 16 coin Generator Cheating! You can generate huge number of bets R level according to your taste. It is without doubt that you can not find something better. For your special assets outstanding R Cheating from Fifa 16 coin Generator you must define the number and the type of things you want. And now you get your unique and special enhancements only for you! Check and having fun.

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fifa2FIFA 16 COIN GENERATOR breaks new ground all over the field to offer a balanced, realistic and exciting gaming experience that lets you play as you want and at the highest level. Discover new ways to play!

Among the many innovations of FIFA 16, find the defending Trust, the middle of the control and all the tools to create magical moments like never before. Beginners or experienced players looking to improve their technique can improve their technique with the new Coach FIFA. Innovations in all directions. New ways to play. Improve your level.


Defensive agility – With 25 innovations in defensive moves, the most able defenders can track their opponents closely. They can reduce the spaces consistently and quickly change direction to create one-against-one more balanced. With better acceleration and greater freedom of movement, defenders remain in contact with their opponents.

Defensive unit – Count on your teammates to cover the spaces when you mark a player individually. With a new defensive AI players are aware of the dangerous areas on the ground to the ball and their opponents. Your teammates will relocate to curb the adverse combinations and reduce angles of attack.

New tackles – tackles the new system provides greater variety in ball recovery phases. With a whole new system of sliding tackles, you can stop your actions and get back into position. The options are more varied and you can try tackles feints, interventions in the air or put your whole body in opposition. The tackles are rewarding and responsive in FIFA 16.

Environmental control

Intelligence interception – Check the medium with a new logic interception that offers you the opportunity to stop the game opposing the passes and cut lines. The gaming experience in midfield will be even more realistic. Redesigned for FIFA 16, the Intelligence of the interception may be adjusted in custom tactics so you can control the aggressiveness of your teammates. You will master all aspects of construction in midfield.

Smart game passes – FIFA 16 COIN GENERATOR offers a revolutionary system of passes. Now you can be incisive and precise in the circulation of the ball. Thanks to a new dynamic of contact’s low pass supported to find partners in small areas and benefit from a greater variety in the offensive play. The combination of clever passes and game intelligence interception provides a realistic gaming experience where the circulation of the ball is both crucial and delicate.

Magic Moments

Dribbling contactless – Lionel Messi performed a motion capture session to create a dribbling control system that allows players to decide how but also when touching the ball. Now you can free yourself of the ball to save time, create space, do tricks and eliminate your vis-à-vis like Messi in his finest actions. Save time by using the contactless Dribbling the ball to free you and create magic moments. The one-against-one will never be the same and users have the widest variety of actions never reached.

Dynamic centers – centers in FIFA 16 COIN GENERATOR are revolutionizing the way in which the passer and catcher apprehend him balloon. The centering overflows uses realistic and rewarding as players in the area following the ball and use their eye movements to resume. With the new targeting system, attackers will return the ball in their race to put defenders in difficulty as new types of withdrawal centers are emerging.

Surgical finish – With this feature, users can better understand where to hit the ball to finish the action like a pro. You will feel exactly the impact with the ball and you better apprehend its trajectory. Thanks to a new orientation of the foot and ankle, new types on the ball available to you to score even more rewarding goals. Users will know why the flight of the ball eluded them and they are better able to adjust their approach when the next action.


Top 20 Status of Love for WhatsApp

Would you like dating, you’re in love / herself just want to have a positive message of love and filled in the state of your profile WhatsApp? Then you leave the top 20 states WhatsApp love. This list is made up of the phrases that most in our audience have had numerous social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram plus some new contribution that we have not yet published but we believe it should be in this list romantic phrases. So today I am going to share some Best Love Whatsapp Status


The top 20 status of Love for WhatsApp are:

  • Do not judge people by their appearance, remember that if you judge a book by its cover you can lose a great historia. (you know what I mean)
  • I fall in love when I feel ready / to, not when I feel alone .
  • Give your smile to those who deserve your love to whoever valued, whom your tears with you and your life who loves you.
  • Sometimes people cling to the past, just because they are unaware that the future has prepared them better.
  • The wonderful thing about a relationship is given away space that everyone needs, take time to wonder.
  • Sometimes I wonder if you also smile when you think of me;)
  • The only struggle you lose is the one you abandon.
  • Fall in love with the person that makes you a better person.
  • The best things in life are those that are given to the soul, heart and received thank with a smile.
  • A little word of love, can fill a heart with happiness.
  • Try (you know what I mean).
  • Rock Paper kiss me.
  • I talked to you many times a night … who knows more about you than stars in the sky.
  • Love is not repeated many times, “I love you” but prove to be true.
  • To love and to you, I knew you at once.
  • When souls are to be found, about the fate of worlds, erases the distance, connecting the roads and defies the impossible.
  • First is faithful to you.
  • The secret is to find a person who can be without you but prefer to be with you.
  • While it who loves you will make you laugh.
  • He lives with whoever offers you a reason to wake up and every reason to dream.
  • This is our list of the top 20 phrases love to put as WhatsApp status in “quotes about love” section you will find great sentences full of words of love. We hope you like and we will be delighted to be extending this list of 20 states love to WhatsApp with your contributions, if you know of any sentence or beautiful quote charged positive feelings, magic and romance we will be happy to share it with all of us.
  • “When you kiss me feel that maketh me in your arms , your caresses make my body burn with desire . I love you more than anyone die without you . “
  • “When we’re not together I feel that the hours pass slowly but when you’re beside me time passes like lightning. “
  • ” The biggest opportunity of my life came when I met and therefore will not let you escape because I want to be yours forever. “
  • ” I will always be eternally indebted to you for being with me, I thank you for your good advice and for giving me your confidence in my decisions. “
  • “I want to know everything about you, to see how I can please you even in your smallest desires”
  • “All he did was make the chance we met, our love was predestined”
  • “I could stand to have a severe toothache but I could never stand is you away from my life, any pain in your side is more bearable than the idea of ​​not having you with me”
  • “Our lives have changed since we’re lovers, both are important to our lives and we feel our love vain”
  • “What started as a joke is now serious, we were falling in love and now no one could change my feelings”
  • “When I am with you and look at the sky I realize my love for you has no beginning and no end”
  • “When I’m with nothing bothers me and it seems like everything to be perfect all around you, I love you”

Dragon ball Z a new game leader?


I have never ever done something that’s hear if it was really “disappeared” this Princhard, as was repeated from him, to see. But it is better that it is gone. Currently our peace ended up being surly into the pugilative war also its seeds. You could you know what it would be, this   dragon ball Z dokkan battle hysterical in the waving that is mere already into the Tavern Olympia. Down hack within the cellar-dancing that is long percent to That Is it stamped within the dust and despair in Negro-Jewish-Saxon music. Mixed British and blacks. Levantine and Russians, they were discovered everywhere, smoking cigarettes, braillants, dokkan battle lic mélanco- and military, all along crimson couches. These uniforms which we start to keep in mind not merely with great dokkan battle difficulty were the seeds dragon ball Z of these days, this thing develops That Is that who will be manure a great deal later, long. Every week we al- lions in groups to check out then our laundress-glover bookseller lieutenant St. Engence Herote when you look at the Impasse des Beresinas behind the Folies-Bergere at current disappeared, where small dogs arrived This is certainly their particular little girls, on leash, for their needs although driven by the desire to Olympia couple of hours. We had only us seeking our delight at night, threatening the world that is whole Cait rage That Is. Life there was embarrassed for this desire there, but I experienced to place all of it the same! It’s more difficult to stop on love that. It spends its time for you kill or worship in this international globe plus it completely. ” we hate you ! I enjoy you ! “It defends itself, it talks, it reverts to bipedal life for the next century, with frequent sia, no matter what, as if it absolutely was likely to go after us That Is account, endless if it were incredibly nice to be on, as. Want to kiss anyway, as scratches. I had been dragon ball Z dokkan battle hack better psychologically, but my scenario that is military remained undecided. It hack permitted me to periodically enter town. Our seamstress is thus called Ms. Herote. Their forehead ended up being low and stayed therefore restricted that in the front of her, uncomfortable at first, but her lips so smiling dragon ball Z dokkan battle hack against by, and then simply take for him escape when we fleshy would not discover how it. An unforgettable character, it housed a number of easy motives, raptors, piously commercial dragon ball Z hack within the refuge of outstanding volubility. Fortune she began to do in a months that are few thanks to the allies and particularly his belly. He’d already been hack cleared of ovaries require That Is he serious, made from PID in the dragon ball Z year this is certainly previous. This liberating castration made his lot of money. You can find these gonorrhea that is female

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Cystic acne treatment: Home remedies for treating cystic acne

Want effective home remedies for treating cystic acne? How can you get rid of pimples? Check out these tricks and home remedies for cystic acne treatment.


Cystic acne is an acne, but there is a serious and painful case in which acne can occur deep within the skin and leave the place on the face later. Cystic acne causes red lumps cysts that appear on the surface of the skin with more pain. This type of acne is called cystic acne because it contains bacteria, dead cells, and white blood cells. It may be more dangerous than the normal acne. The common areas to appear cystic acne are the chest, back, and face. Everyone can go through this disorder at any age, but especially in adolescents at the beginning of the time of puberty. Sometimes it will not take treatment, but going by himself.

History of cystic acne: how it all began

The most common causes of cystic acne are hormonal changes in the body, hereditary factors, excess oil on the skin and dead skin cells, stress, the pores open, squeezing and picking imperfections and overactive sebaceous glands. You do not have to bother now because there are natural home remedies with which you can fight against cystic acne at home by yourself.

Cystic acne is also a kind of acne, but there is a serious and painful case in which acne can occur deep within the skin and leave the place on the face later. Cystic acne causes red lumps cysts that appear on the surface of the skin with more pain. This type of acne is called cystic acne because it contains bacteria, dead cells, and white blood cells. It may be more dangerous than the normal acne. The common areas to appear cystic acne are the chest, back, and face. Everyone can go through this disorder at any age, but especially in adolescents at the beginning of the time of puberty. Sometimes it will not take treatment, but going by himself.

Cystic acne can affect anyone, but is most often seen in teens and young men. Deep and inflamed acne breakouts develop on the face and other parts of the body, especially the back and chest. Acne becomes nodules and cysts can become quite long and measure up to several centimeters in diameter. The cysts are very painful and deeply formed in the skin and take a very long time to heal. They feel like soft songs filled with fluid under the skin. Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne, and it usually runs in families.

It is mainly caused by hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, excess dead skin cells in the hair follicle and a large number of acne-causing bacteria. The wall breaks of hair follicles and infected material leaks into the dermis. If the break is near the skin surface and the defects are minor and heal quickly, but if the break in the hair follicle is deep. The material Contaminated affects neighboring follicles then it results in more serious injuries and widespread.

Ways to treat cystic acne

If you want to know the best remedies for Cystic acne treatment at home, then you will have to follow the following processes:

Process 1

Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda and make a thick paste by adding a sufficient amount of water in it.

Apply this mask as the paste on cystic acne.

Let dry for about 20 minutes then wash off with warm water.

The last step is to apply moisturizer or skin toner, then again repeat the process on a regular basis for 2 times a week.

Process 2

Take a small amount of baking soda and the same amount of sea salt.

Mix it with water and make a smooth paste.

Apply on affected and targeted areas of your skin.

Allow to dry for a few minutes then rinse with water.

Follow the remedy twice daily.

Baking soda is one of the most suitable remedies that help in the treatment of cystic acne in a few days. Baking soda has anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties due to which all the bacteria present in your skin will ultimately destroy them and your skin is natural without acne or spot. Baking soda also has functions to balance the pH level and makes your skin healthy and glowing.

If we follow the above techniques, we are sure to heal our skin from painful cystic acne. So, use these methods mentioned above and get beautiful and glowing skin

Way of Obtaining Social Empires Unlimited Gold

For coming into this site, it seems you have been searching to see if there is s way of obtaining social empires unlimited gold for free in the game, but you keep giving up as a result of not seeing any. Today, I will let you know how you can get this in your game for free in way that is better. You will know that obtaining gold, also cash and stone in the game is the right way to get to the best mission in the game. Before I proceed, you need to head over to social empires site that is where you will add all gems you need in social empires.


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When you add items in the game using this social empires tool, adding items will be an interesting thing that you will always like to do. You will see your game not lagging or requesting to buy anything before proceeding. You can add unlimited of this and never get tired by pressing on the tab or adding.

With the entering tests present on the site, you can enter you profile id; that is where you will allocate the food you need and the tool will add them all for you.

So, as I don’t want to let you get tired of reading or become over excited, you should use the site as a way for obtaining perfect glitch for the game that works and won’t breach. It is absolutely what you should do if you want to play so well in the game and not get bored all the time, using the tool, guarantees you that you will be a pro in few hours of play and ready to teach others while making friends with them. So, when you use this social empires unlimited gold cash stone site, you are known to be a serious player.



1. Bypass the maximum number of characters in the message on your snap

snapchat URTYPEN.png

© Snapchat | Snapchat spy

A useful little trick to the maximum number of characters you snap to get around, isby the application to use Notepad. Select some lines blank text, copy these lines and paste them eventually on you snap.

You do have to empty text (spaces) copy and paste in the text box of your snap. Just alonger text copy and paste does not work. After that, you go through your cursor to move into the spaces on your text box in you snap just type and thus the extracharacters. If that is not convenient?!

2. put the travel mode and save mobile data and battery

© Snapchat | Snapchat spy

Anyone who snapchat widely used, know that the app you battery really can suck.Even to mention the mobile data that the app consumed … For this is a very useful feature: the journey. That prevents the app automatically snaps and stories download.You can choose to turn on by the travel stand or a story or snap download or not.

To the travel mode, go to the settings of the app. There you can go to ‘ manage ‘ and the travel mode on and off.

3. Add new friends in a finger cut

© Snapchat | Snapchat spy

The new feature ‘ Add people near ‘ ensures that you can add your friends without their name or number. If you go to the page where you can add friends, select ‘ Addpeople in the neighborhood. ” A real shortcut!

  1. useemoji’sto you snap more colour

© Snapchat | Snapchat spy

You can now use the emoji stickers you snap a colored glow. Add a emoji on yoursnap in the color you want. Increase the sticker by zooming with your two fingers so he takes up your whole screen and the edge of the sticker begins to fade. If you fadedpart of the sticker on you snap turn, it looks like a kind of color filter.

On YouTube you will find a few useful videos that show what you can do with the different Emoji stickers and colors.

Check here such a movie:

4. Find out what emoji’s next to your friends in your friends list mean exactly andchange them


© Snapchat | Newmonkey

The function ‘ best friends ‘ will probably forever and ever to hear the past, but in a fun way by the emoji’s you can see how you deal with your snapchat-friends. Hiddenin the “additional services” that you find in the settings of the app you can find everything about this feature.

5. Too dark? Set the camera to night mode

You may have noticed: If you want to make a snap when it’s dark, top left appears anicon with a moon. If you’re at that Moon press, turn on your night stand to a sort ofand your image a lot lighter. Useful!

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Insurance for young drivers: How to pay less ?

Are you a young driver ? Worried about high insurance costs ?

By following a few common sense rules, it is possible to reduce the score substantially, thereby reduce your insurance amount.

Why is the insurance so expensive for young drivers ?
In determining the amount of a premium, the insurer must first make an assessment of “risk” it covers. However, a driver with no experience is by definition a high level of risk, which results in the application for two years of an additional premium to the rates often judged prohibitive. After which it will be possible to begin to reap the bonus.

The tricks to pay less:

Select accompanied driving
To lighten the note, the ideal is to follow early learning curriculum of the pipe (AAC). With two years of experience, the novice driver will be “better seen” by an insurance company, with discounts up to 20% compared to a young driver following the classical training.

Opt for a smaller displacement
To get your feet, nothing like a city small displacement (Renault Twingo, Peugeot 206 …) with limited performance and whose potential repair costs remain reasonable for the insurer (if you opt for a cover damages) .
In any case, better to know the price of insurance before buying a particular vehicle.

Optimum Coverage
Needless to opt for an all-risk coverage for a car whose market value is low. A simple formula to third parties, together with any additions (zero km outage support, warranty “death and disability” etc.) ensure optimum coverage at the best price.

Ensuring competition
In insurance, rates may vary from simple to double for the same profile, with guarantees that they also do the splits from one company to another. While some downright refuse to cover young drivers, others welcome them with open arms (almost) by multiplying the attentions: advanced driving courses offered or cheap taxi to go home if one is in no condition to drive, etc. Insurance comparison websites are a valuable aid in your exploration.

How much does a young driver insurance cost?
Rates vary depending on experience, used car, annual mileage or habitual traffic zone. In fact, it is difficult to specify insurance rates for all young drivers.
But if we consider the case of a young man, inexperienced driver in a city of less than 100,000 inhabitants, which seeks to ensure simple to use third walk-a Renault Clio 1.2 working aged ten, one notes that the range of rates will amount to 500 … € 1,200 (!) on a comparable guarantees. Which confirms the need for careful exploration before signing up with a particular company.

To begin, follow these basic rules:

Find out about the price of insurance before buying a vehicle
Learn about the insurance policy before you commit to a particular company
Answer as accurately as possible to questions posed by the insurer
Check the insurance in case of loan or vehicle loan
Do not drive after taking drugs and / or alcohol
Check the territorial limits of the contract before going abroad

Good to know: When you compare tariffs on various websites (comparison sites or site specific to each company), do not stop only on prices but argue “comparable safeguards” (personal driver protection, etc.) .
Also, opt for additional guarantees (the “zero km failure assistance”, for example, can be handy if you ride with a slightly older car) can be a good calculation: for a moderate additional cost, services reports can represent substantial savings. If you drive little, some companies soften their rates.
And once fixed (e) on some deals, finish your prospecting through negotiation: If you add to cart covers health and / or housing, additional discounts can be granted.

How to negotiate the price of your car insurance?

Looking to buy or renew your car insurance. Before you get better rates for your auto insurance, you have to know your needs and the offers in the market.

Assess your needs

To define its claims relating to auto insurance, it is essential, upstream, to evaluate what your coverage needs depending on the use and nature of the vehicle. The third party insurance to cover insurance, different characteristics may affect the guarantees of the contract. Using your vehicle for personal travel and / or professional and distance traveled each year change risk assessment by your insurer. Imports also the age of the car or the fact that it is “green” or not. Finally, the smaller is the vehicle, with modest brand and low power, more contributions are likely to decrease.

Compare offers on the market

To start negotiations with your current insurer or a new insurance company, it is important to have tools at its disposal. Once you have defined your needs, use the online comparison of insurance broker will allow you to get custom quote tailored to your vehicle. If there is a lower rate than that proposed by your insurer for the same risks, you will then have support in your negotiations.

Namely: Beyond collateral contract, check the franchises in the quotes. Sometimes they are larger, allowing insurance offer lower rates.
Negotiate with its insurer

If the difference between the two rates is not phenomenal, in almost equal benefits, your insurer is likely to line up in order to keep you as a customer. However, this implies that your past relationships have been good, but also that you are legally able to cancel your current contract. If you can not claim to leave your insurance company, your leverage in negotiations will be significantly reduced. Thus, the termination of your auto insurance policy is packaged either renewing your vehicle, or sending a registered letter with acknowledgment 2 to 3 months before the due date.

Note: It is also possible to terminate the contract in certain circumstances: increased contributions, relocation, change in employment or family situation or breach of the law by your insurer.

Some tips to pay less

Ensuring competition is your safest asset to bring your insurance company to review your premiums down. However, other tricks exist to make them shrink. Payments by check or split throughout the year sometimes cause fresh, prefer if possible bank levy and an annual payment. For young people who attended accompanied driving, premiums are often lower for the first auto insurance policy. For others, there are driving courses partly funded by your insurer for a reduction in surcharges. Finally, collect his car insurance / motorcycle / housing within the same insurance company offers you a greater bargaining power in the redefinition of tariffs.