Insurance for young drivers: How to pay less ?

Are you a young driver ? Worried about high insurance costs ?

By following a few common sense rules, it is possible to reduce the score substantially, thereby reduce your insurance amount.

Why is the insurance so expensive for young drivers ?
In determining the amount of a premium, the insurer must first make an assessment of “risk” it covers. However, a driver with no experience is by definition a high level of risk, which results in the application for two years of an additional premium to the rates often judged prohibitive. After which it will be possible to begin to reap the bonus.

The tricks to pay less:

Select accompanied driving
To lighten the note, the ideal is to follow early learning curriculum of the pipe (AAC). With two years of experience, the novice driver will be “better seen” by an insurance company, with discounts up to 20% compared to a young driver following the classical training.

Opt for a smaller displacement
To get your feet, nothing like a city small displacement (Renault Twingo, Peugeot 206 …) with limited performance and whose potential repair costs remain reasonable for the insurer (if you opt for a cover damages) .
In any case, better to know the price of insurance before buying a particular vehicle.

Optimum Coverage
Needless to opt for an all-risk coverage for a car whose market value is low. A simple formula to third parties, together with any additions (zero km outage support, warranty “death and disability” etc.) ensure optimum coverage at the best price.

Ensuring competition
In insurance, rates may vary from simple to double for the same profile, with guarantees that they also do the splits from one company to another. While some downright refuse to cover young drivers, others welcome them with open arms (almost) by multiplying the attentions: advanced driving courses offered or cheap taxi to go home if one is in no condition to drive, etc. Insurance comparison websites are a valuable aid in your exploration.

How much does a young driver insurance cost?
Rates vary depending on experience, used car, annual mileage or habitual traffic zone. In fact, it is difficult to specify insurance rates for all young drivers.
But if we consider the case of a young man, inexperienced driver in a city of less than 100,000 inhabitants, which seeks to ensure simple to use third walk-a Renault Clio 1.2 working aged ten, one notes that the range of rates will amount to 500 … € 1,200 (!) on a comparable guarantees. Which confirms the need for careful exploration before signing up with a particular company.

To begin, follow these basic rules:

Find out about the price of insurance before buying a vehicle
Learn about the insurance policy before you commit to a particular company
Answer as accurately as possible to questions posed by the insurer
Check the insurance in case of loan or vehicle loan
Do not drive after taking drugs and / or alcohol
Check the territorial limits of the contract before going abroad

Good to know: When you compare tariffs on various websites (comparison sites or site specific to each company), do not stop only on prices but argue “comparable safeguards” (personal driver protection, etc.) .
Also, opt for additional guarantees (the “zero km failure assistance”, for example, can be handy if you ride with a slightly older car) can be a good calculation: for a moderate additional cost, services reports can represent substantial savings. If you drive little, some companies soften their rates.
And once fixed (e) on some deals, finish your prospecting through negotiation: If you add to cart covers health and / or housing, additional discounts can be granted.

How to negotiate the price of your car insurance?

Looking to buy or renew your car insurance. Before you get better rates for your auto insurance, you have to know your needs and the offers in the market.

Assess your needs

To define its claims relating to auto insurance, it is essential, upstream, to evaluate what your coverage needs depending on the use and nature of the vehicle. The third party insurance to cover insurance, different characteristics may affect the guarantees of the contract. Using your vehicle for personal travel and / or professional and distance traveled each year change risk assessment by your insurer. Imports also the age of the car or the fact that it is “green” or not. Finally, the smaller is the vehicle, with modest brand and low power, more contributions are likely to decrease.

Compare offers on the market

To start negotiations with your current insurer or a new insurance company, it is important to have tools at its disposal. Once you have defined your needs, use the online comparison of insurance broker will allow you to get custom quote tailored to your vehicle. If there is a lower rate than that proposed by your insurer for the same risks, you will then have support in your negotiations.

Namely: Beyond collateral contract, check the franchises in the quotes. Sometimes they are larger, allowing insurance offer lower rates.
Negotiate with its insurer

If the difference between the two rates is not phenomenal, in almost equal benefits, your insurer is likely to line up in order to keep you as a customer. However, this implies that your past relationships have been good, but also that you are legally able to cancel your current contract. If you can not claim to leave your insurance company, your leverage in negotiations will be significantly reduced. Thus, the termination of your auto insurance policy is packaged either renewing your vehicle, or sending a registered letter with acknowledgment 2 to 3 months before the due date.

Note: It is also possible to terminate the contract in certain circumstances: increased contributions, relocation, change in employment or family situation or breach of the law by your insurer.

Some tips to pay less

Ensuring competition is your safest asset to bring your insurance company to review your premiums down. However, other tricks exist to make them shrink. Payments by check or split throughout the year sometimes cause fresh, prefer if possible bank levy and an annual payment. For young people who attended accompanied driving, premiums are often lower for the first auto insurance policy. For others, there are driving courses partly funded by your insurer for a reduction in surcharges. Finally, collect his car insurance / motorcycle / housing within the same insurance company offers you a greater bargaining power in the redefinition of tariffs.